The final round of the Enduro World Series scheduled for October 2-5 in Finale Ligure is around the corner and the race course map is finally out.

The race will consist of 6 special stages for a total length of 114.4km, 2910m of climbing and 2536m of vertical drop. Four stages will take place during the Saturday and two on Sunday always starting from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Finale Ligure.
90.7 km are the total amount of liaisons between the stages, that will cross the valleys that connect the coast and inland. 23.8 km are the total amount of crono stages along the trails that run under woods and cross the characteristic Mediterranean vegetation.
The whole area around Finale is involved in the event, with the towns of Finale Ligure, Calice Ligure, Orco Feglino, Rialto, Vezzi, Borgio Verezzi and Noli that will open their territory and trails to this prestigious competition and its athletes.
This long weekend in Finale is going to be amazing. From the crowded and colorful paddock and expo area of FLOW with some of the biggest companies in the industry, the spectators will be able to move directly on the stages to watch and cheer some of the fastest riders in the world descending on the trails of Finale.

Here you can find some details of the race course and the map in pdf and the gpx tracks od all the race course.

Special 1: Cavatappi
3,5 km – 450 m vertical drop
Trailbuilders: Marco Del Maschio e Epifanio Pantano

Special 2: Bondi Trail
3,8 km – 280 m vertical drop
Trailbuilders: Riccardo Serrato, Fulvio Balbi e Marcello Vio

Special 3: San Michele
2 Km – 310 m vertical drop
Trailbuilders: Paolo Pedrotti, Luca Martini, Alessio Grillo, Davide Genesio

Special 4: DH Men
3 Km – 386 m vertical drop
Trailbuilders: Alessio Grillo, Davide Genesio, Alberto Casanova e Gianpiero Ciravegna

Special 5: Cravarezza and More
6,5 Km – 780 m vertical drop
Trailbuilders: Fulvio Balbi, Pietro Paltani e Ivo Camilli

Special 6: Ciapin Lodge Trail
5 Km – 330 m vertical drop
Trailbuilders: Michele Marchioni e Jana Scott


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