It’s showtime again for the best mountain-bike and e-bike enduro racing: in less than two weeks the Enduro World Series will be back to the Finale Outdoor Region

Finally, it is again that time of year that means one thing only: Finale! Bluegrass EWS Finale presented by Vittoria – the most highly anticipated and loved world-class enduro event – is back to the Liguria region from 13 to 19 September

During the whole week, between the 13 and 19 September, the spotlight of international mountain-bike enduro will be turned again on the Finale Outdoor Region, for years the undisputed mecca for mountain bike enthusiasts from all over the world.
The schedule of this round is really busy with plenty of events both for mountain bikers – with the Bluegrass EWS Finale presented by Vittoria – and e-bike riders – thanks to the Bluegrass EWS-E Finale presented by Vittoria. Most of the competitions will take place in the riding area of Finale Ligure – and its quaint Finalborgo neighbourhood – and the nearby Pietra Ligure, locations that have played host to the 2020 edition too.
In particular, the competitions staged on 16 September in the area of Pietra Ligure will be dedicated to the electric world only, with the EWS-E Pro race and the EWS-E100 and EWS-E50 events for amateur racers.
The EWS-E Pro race course includes three loops of about 25 km each with two recharge times in between that will take place in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in the town centre of Pietra Ligure. Start and finish line will be instead located in Finale Ligure, where the paddock area will also be based, for the whole week. To date, the EWS-E race course has not been disclosed, but there is something we can give away: the total length will be around 70 km, of which 16 km will be timed stages, with about 2,700 m of elevation gain. Obviously, these figures include the spectacular Power Stages, the only stages completely uphill, a real unmissable show for everyone to watch and appreciate how much top riders can do with their e-mountain bikes, really maximising the potential of these bikes. The amateur EWS-E100 race, as the name suggests, will take place over 100% of the Pro race course, but with a more relaxed race format; the same format will be used in the EWS-E50 event, whose course however will be about 40 km long, with 8 km of timed stages and 1,200 m of elevation gain.
On 18 and 19 September, it will be traditional mountain bikes’ time to shine, with EWS Pro and EWS100 and EWS80 for amateur racers, events that will instead take place in the Finale area, including the amazing Finalborgo neighbourhood.
In this case, the race course for pro riders will be 70 km long, of which 10 km will be timed with about 2,000 m of elevation gain. The EWS 100 race will be equally good, with a total course length of about 55 km, of which 10 km will be timed and with 1,900 m of elevation gain. The EWS80, the race with a slightly shortened format but all the challenges of racing, designed for those who want to build their Enduro World Series experience, will take place over a race course of 48.7 km of which 7.8 km will be timed, with 1,500 m of elevation gain.
Registration for the amateur e-bike and traditional bike races is going to be open for a few more days; it is still possible to enter this really unique series of events, choosing between events for e-bikes or mountain-bikes and between the complete race course events, the EWS100 and EWS-E100, or those over a slightly reduced race course, the EWS80 and EWS-E50.
The official announcement of the race courses is not going to be until Friday 10 September, and at that point we’ll be able to find out the best places to go and watch the race trackside.
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